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has visited more than 30 ▓impoverished villages and townships, sharing his rich experience in poverty-eradication work and putting himself on the front lines of the war on poverty.Looking back, it has been clear that Xi's deep understanding of and f▓ocus on the poor has developed throughout hi▓s political career, as he rose from being a young man working at a remote village in the northwestern province

of Shaanxi, to China's top job.He has o▓ften spoken of his first-hand experience living in poverty,▓ and shared his ideas and insights on how to deal with it. For example, he said that relocation was an importa

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pection tour in north▓ern Hebei Province, the president said fighting poverty was the fundamental task for building a moderately prosp▓erous society.China has set 2020 as the target year to finish building a moderatel▓y prosperous, or "Xiaokang" s

ociety. A key goal of the targets is to eradicate poverty in China.Xi has▓ said that "no one should be left behind on the road towards Xiaokang."FI▓RST TASTE OF POVERTYXi's first taste of poverty came in Liangjiahe Village ▓in Yan'an, Shaanxi, about 48 years ago.He was not even 16 years of age when he was sent to Liangjiahe in early 1969, as a result of Chairman Mao Zedong's campaign for urban youth to ▓experience rural labor."Experiencing such an abrupt▓ turn from Beijing to a place so destitute, I▓ was struck deeply," Xi said, recalling the whole village turning dark at nig▓ht as th

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everal miles of mountain road while carrying a shoulder pole weighing over 50-kilograms," he said.However, a day of hard work barely earned him enough for a pack of the cheapest ciga▓rettes, which cost nine cents in the 1970s.A year's harvest co

uld only sustain farmers for a couple of months, ▓and they often found themselves running ou▓t of food as early as April or May. Xi and his contemporaries sent to work in the countryside were almost redu▓ced to begging.From 1988 to 1990, Xi worked as chief the Communist Party of China (CPC) of ▓Ningde Prefecture in southeastern Fujian Province. Ningde used to be one of 18 contiguous poverty-stricken areas in ▓China."During my one-year-and-11-month stay in Ningde, I went to almost all the tow▓nships, including three of the four townships without access to a paved road, " Xi said.Xi recal▓l

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little pocket ▓money," Xi said.Xi led the villagers in digging wells, building terraces and sediment storage ▓dams, and setting up the province's first methane-g